When I met Jenny I was living free and easy
Waking up when the sun was going down
All I did was for me and my own pleasure
I was the king and the bottle was my crown

 I’m sick and tired of walking in the heather
I’m sick and tired of camping in the bogs
No matter where I go there’s always lousy weather
And in the tent at night I try to stay afloat
And I’m fighting for my life

‘Cause I know that I’m stuck with you out here
With your charm and your beauty you know that I can’t say no
We’ve travelled far and near, and wherever you go you’ll drag me there

 How did I ever meet a sporting girl like Jenny
Who only wants to know how much I can endure
I’m lying on the ground just crying out for mercy
And then she tries to make me jog a few miles more
And I’m fighting for my life


But then I found a solution to my problem
And now she’s sitting here skulling pints with me
‘Cause when she slept at night I fed her with strong whisky
And now she’s lying here a drunkard just like me