The north Atlantic tossed our ship nearly drove it to the bottom of the sea

We sailed ten nights and we sailed ten days I thought I'd never realise my dreams

The immigration man he stamped my pass wished me luck wherever I should stray

I traded some silver for a ticket north west and I crossed the states of Americay




There were stories of silver and stories of gold

Wake up to a new day of riches untold

The rivers run deep and the trees they stand tall

To hell with my homeland it's here I'll rise or fall



I pitched my tent in the mining camp checked my tools my map and my gun

Rode up to my claim as soon as I could and made my plans before the winter set in

Hey Harry, you scoundrel this is not your land this piece of paper says it is says I

He drew out his knife and he stuck me through, stole my deeds and left me there to die





The gods gave me strength and carried me through and I lived to see another day

I walked into town with a shotgun in my hand and I blew the man O'Harlahan away

He robbed me of my silver and he robbed me of my gold

Robbed me of my dreams of riches untold

Have mercy on me judge I just don't understand

Twenty years in prison for the claiming of my land