I’m going to the place where the gods fight wars
Where the angels sit in silence while the demons roar
It will take me ten weeks down and ten weeks up
And I’ll shake the devils hand at the cape of good hope

The captain was a hard man from the town of Killybegs
He had seen two wars and lived except for his right leg
He was trusted and respected by all of us onboard
And he sailed us along on the pride of Donegal

I’m drinking today ‘cause I’m sailing out tomorrow
Twenty weeks at sea without a drop of irish porter
I’m drinking today so give me bitter by the barrel
Twenty weeks to cape of good hope and home

The first port of the journey was a dock in Tangiers
Then we went to Senegal and things went wrong from there
The best part of the crew laid sick beneath the deck
With yellowfever, scurvey and a touch of gonorrea

The captain lost his marbles and he took the wrong turn
However he did manage that I guess I’ll never learn
The after seven weeks at the open sea
I saw the shore of Trinidad reveal itself to me


Now  I’ll never have to see where the gods fight wars
The angels are singing and I’m standing in Awe
The pride of Donegal well we burned her down
And I’m never gonna leave my place in the sun