I saw you walking by the bridge on a cold and rainy day
I ran towards the riverbank as the wind came across the bay
But then I saw him standing there, the man you were waiting for
A gleam in his eye and a sword by his side, I was no match for sure

 I sat down behind the bridges arch and pondered what would be
A soldier’s sword against a tinker’s knife would not be the odds for me
I gazed at them, as they swore their love, their bodies entwined as one
And the rage it swelled up inside of me, the moment would have to come

I revealed myself and I charged at him, the knife I brought it down
Man to man and hand to hand, we wrestled into the night
Just when I thought he was coming at me, I managed to strike him and soon
He fell to the ground with a knife in his heart, and the silence filled the gloom

She ran towards me with tears in her eyes, the grief it was plain to see
You’ve killed my love you tinkerboy, you will pay for this misery
He was to be my chosen one, you were just an affair to me
The truth sank deep into my heart and I fell down on my knees

They tied the noose around my neck and pulled the blocks away
And as I fell towards my death I heard my own voice say
I killed a man, I broke a heart, my own life I ended too soon

So beware of your anger it’s ready to strike, hit you and pull you down